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Awards, praise, positive thoughts...


Since our group is so talented and generally a super batch of folks, I
wanted to make a thread especially to share praise and warm fuzzies.

So, to start I want to mention that I think Tynami/katcombs has
a fabulous website dedicated to Elfquest dollz. If you haven't seen
it yet, I highly recommend you follow the link she posts in her signature
for the Elven Holt. It is a treat to see how she organizes and collects
the images and I admire her diligent dedication to our dolling community!

If you post dollz you are likely to get thoughtful commentary and
detailed feedback from Embala. She seldom fails to notice
new efforts and to say something positive. For being a regular
poster I'm giving her this award:

Everyone with something nice to say should feel free to be generous
with their own ego boosters here in this thread.

I know we all have different strengths as dollers and as posters.
So let's share what we notice here and let the best shine!

PS: I also thought this thread would be a great place to post
about our favorite individual dollz, our favorite editing tricks or
ourcomes and all that sort of thing. Saying why we like something
may help us all grow and learn.


Oh Nightsea ... !!!!

You got me in a dull moment - sad, tired of everything, angry - and my first sight took me to this great Thank You! I'm so touched .... almost sheding a tear - this time for happiness.

You gave me back a happy smile and made my day.

*virtual fingers caressing the shiny award*


Yay! I'm so glad I could make your day for once because you've made
mine many times with your thoughtful words!
*hands you award polish and smiles*


*tacklehuggles!!!* I can't believe I missed this thread...

Making the Elven Holt page has always been really fun for me, especially with the group we have on here. I always love to see how many different ways one can put a costume together and change around something totally different to make look like someone we all know and love. I don't think I can express how much I love the work that we all make and how much fun it is to see something new when it pops up.


Gonna try to put something together soon... hope I get time cause it'll be something special.


What I wanted to say ...

Thank you so much for giving Embala a face, Nightsea - the first "real" look she ever had.

She was only one of many EQ-fan-chars and self-elves I saw you developing from more or less vague descriptions, using your imagination to find them in various doll makers. I always love to watch this creation.

You invite the newcomers to try of their own, encourage them to do their chars - and original EQ - on doll makers and bases - to spread the dolling fever.

You can make real gems, I know too well, which I enjoy and admire unconditional. But the talent I envy you for is your "eye for possibilities", your ability to find at least one character in each doll maker. And your skills to give them with few changes, with seemingly no effort, the last touch - capturing the right EQ feeling.

... I loved to share this fun.


I still remember ...

the time when we both started (more or less) at the dollz thread. You were making dollz - mostly tekteks - and I tried to comment.

Then you discovered this preggy base, which somehow grabbed both of us. You made one doll after the other, creating their hairstyle and clothing. Some were pretty close, some ... not so much - but each new batch showed that your skills had improved. And I commented - clapping applause or criticizing. And it was fun!

You allowed me to play with your dollz - so I "tricked in" assessoires none of us could do so far ... or tried my own editing skills on your doll ... or did one or another myself - borrowing parts you had created. And we were looking for more and more elves (and humans) to show pregnant. We had such fun with the Cubby Club!

Finally there was almost nothing else to do and each of your dollz, even strange hair-dos or complicated outfits, was looking just fab.

You were looking for a new challenge - and returned with Micros. They were beautiful from the start, though comparably simple in retrospect. And we played the same game - you were the maker, the artist - I was the faithful commentor, trying to drive you forward. As if the latter would have been neccessary - you were going for an ambitious goal: doing a micro for (almost) each elf and human character as long as (s)he was named!

And you did it - one character after the other - and once again your developement and improvement showed with each new doll. For some reason I was so proud of you - admiring your energy to fulfill this huge task, your absolute will to practice for improvement and challenge your limits! You even took me with you - made me do my first own micros. And we had fun!

And then the major part was done ... each of your creations was a treat, elfeneyes, true eye candy ... and I was running out of praising words to fit them.

You got exhausted, "out-dolled" ... needed a break and variety ... and your visits at the dollz thread became rare. Each time you looked in I cheered silently (because it's so hard for me to do it loud) - that you were still around - that you still had fun with dolling - and when you brought a doll as a bonus I treasured it ... and hoped the times of regulary shared fun would return.

... that's what I try to remember.


Just got to read your post to me here, Embala, and I'm thankful for

the thoughts you expressed. I have missed being able to spend time

online dolling and want to get back to it before all my skills rust.

Alas, the next few months will likely see me much too busy to participate

as I used to do. But hopefully, after that, I will again have the luxury to

indulge all my dolling fancies and I can't wait to make new characters and

find all the old favorites in new dollmakers.

I see the group is going on strong without me for now, and I'm very

glad my absence isn't putting a dent in the flow of new dolls and dollers.

Please keep the energy going and know I'll be back ASAP!



PS: Welcome back Moonmoss!

PPS: Hello to all the new folks!

[Deleted User]

I know many many people here who deserve awards- but the first one goes to the founder of the Fabulous Dollz Thread:

Goblet of Dreamberries for Nightsea, for giving us this thread- and now the group forum- to play in!



I hope the necessites of real life will allow you to return soon, Nightsea, to follow your dolling fancies and to enjoy a daily dosis of the dreamberries Moonmoss arranged so nicely.

*pretty shimmering goblet* Smile