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Redcrest - treeshaper's genes


Redcrest is the typical treeshaper in look - red hair, green eyes. In case you wonder how a treeshaper is useful in the sea ...

... very useful!

He seems to be the bootbuilder of the tribe, too.

That's how he looks in Discovery

- together wit his "daughter-in-law, Foam.


I love how he seems to be always watching over Foam and Puffer Happy

Although I noticed just now one puzzling thing - what's with Redcrest's hair? At times it's straight and reaches down the shoulders, other times it's *very* curly and long to his waist. And not just in different artistic representation, but in the work of the same artists o_O In Turning Tide (Blevins) he has straight hair when he's shaping the hole in the boat (that's the 1rst pic in the thread) and long curls a few panels later when he looks at the damage done. And the same happens in Discovery where he has straight hair at the banquet and when Surge raises merry hell on Skimback and Snakeskin for attempting to heal the broken one... but when Brill tells the others about Sunstream, and later when greeting the Broken One, it's long and curly. :D Can't he just make up his mind on one hairstyle? XD


You are right! I need to bring those "curly" pictures in, too.

Maybe he has another secret magic ablity - hair shaping. Wink Or his secret passion is to be a figaro. ^^


Roflmao I'm totally envisioning Redcrest as the Jean Louis David of the WaveDancers now! Treeshaper, boat builder, hairstylist - he's a jack of all trades! :D