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Drift and Fairshell - gone too early


All we know about this couple are two pictures, that they were killed by "landers" - and their lovely heritage, sweet young Moonmirror.


Yay for more sightings of background WaveDancers!

You know, for a really long time now I've been persuaded that the trio talking with Surge in "Metamorphosis" might be Longfin, Farbright and Haze. But the more I look at the girl standing behind Surge and the guy on the other side, the more I notice a striking resemblance with Moonmirror's dead parents.

Sure, Drift's hair was somewhat "poofier" in Turning Tide, and yes, the female's dress is different (the neckline especially looks way more "Longfin's style") but the face shape, ears and hair style reminds me very strongly of Fairshell.

(And when you think about it, Fairshell and Longfin both had similar 'dos, with their hair pulled back in more elaborate fashion than the other females of the tribe. Coral, Brill, Farbright, No-Ripple, Gull, Moonmirror and Sandsparkle generally kept their hair loose for the most part, Krill, Wavelet and Foam had short practical 'do - whereas Fairshell, Skimmer and Longfin seemed the only ones to style their hair in a more fancy manner. Hey - perhaps Longfin is something like Moonmirror's many-times removed aunt Tongue)


This one?

I like to have direct comparism.


That one indeed, yep! Smile Too bad we don't get to see if the guy is wearing bracers like Drift - that would be another helpful hint!